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Do these RIGHT not FAST!
The number beside each exercise is a starting point, add more as you can but donít rush it! It is much better to do them correct than to do a bunch of them. Remember you are re-teaching your brain, you donít want it to learn the wrong way! Endurance will be built as time goes on and you are able to do more! Be sure to REST, donít try too much to start you will burn yourself out that way!

Squats: 10
Start by holding on to something, when you have enough balance you can do them in front of a chair for safety.

Sit Upís: 10
Do these with your knees bent, keep you back flat to the floor and DO NOT jerk your neck.

Push Upís: 20
Half Way push up is a good way to start here, bend your knees and push some ground!

Marching in Place: 30
Keep you back straight and bring your knees HIGH towards your chest. This is a good time to combine music, try to march in time with the music, start with something slow.

Side Step (10 paces): 6
Small steps to start, no wider than your body. Step to the side and then bring your other foot together. Think about placement! VARIATION: Side Step and Cross your next foot over. You may want to do this close to a wall so you can keep good balance.

Small Hops in place (both feet): 10
If you can not hop, just go to your toes, raise up your heals and lower. Hold onto a chair for safety.

Small Hops in place (foot to foot): 10
If you can not hop, just shift from one foot to the other. Try to do this from your toes and not your whole foot. Hold onto a chair for safety.

Walk: Take a SLOW walk, think about each step. Take time to think about heal toe! VARIATION: Extend your left arm shoulder height when your left foot is forward, then the right arm with your right foot. Then try the opposite! Extend your left arm to shoulder height when your right foot is forward, then your right arm when your left foot is forward. (This is the natural arm swing while walking, left arm right foot and vise versa)