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PT Balance

PT Wall Touch : Balance and Hand Eye Co-ordination

Stand beside a wall and place small dots for bout a 6ft span across the wall at about hip height and lower.
(Either sticky dots or with mark with pencil, we like colorful sticky dots)

Start out on your knees, this helps remove the fear of falling. Kneel facing the wall about an arms length away, far enough that you have to REACH to touch the wall, bring your finger from your nose to one of the dots then back to your nose and to another dot, and another over and over. Work on control first, the speed will come later!

Be sure to keep your hips over your knees and reach with the upper torso of your body. Do this both left handed and right handed and donít forget backhand movement. As you feel comfortable doing this you can make it a little more difficult by crossing your feet behind you, move farther away from the wall and eventually stand to your feet, putting some dots higher up the wall.

PT Chair Sit : Balance

Sit in a chair where your feet fall comfortably flat on the floor, put a can of soup on one side of the chair. Bend at the waist and reach to the side picking up the can of soup transfer it to the other hand to put on the floor on the other side.
Repeat this multiple times until you feel comfortable.
Bring the can from the side to the front and from the front to the opposite side.
Stand Up! Be sure to bend at the knees and then at the waist to reach.

PT Chair Sit : Foot Placement

Place dots on the floor in front of a chair in a semi-circle. Sit in a chair where your feet fall comfortably flat on the floor. Touch each one of the dots with your toe then come back to the start position. Repeat by picking another dot each time. The idea of this is to work on placement.
Stand up! Hold onto a chair if you need to for safety.
Go outside and take a walk, play step on the cracks anytime you can!